Equipment And Machine Tools.

We Create Efficient Supply Chain in Oil & Gas Industry. With the technology of the Internet, IOT, big data, etc., we provide the whole eco- system to our customers including abundant products, advanced technology, intelligent platform, and service on big data, supply chain finance, warehousing & logistics, digital marketing, etc.. We are committed to reducing industry costs and improving industry efficiency continuously.

Our focus on high-end intelligent equipment and accessories consumables, industrial tools, general equipment and other industrial products in the field of oil and gas energy. It is committed to becoming a large-scale industrial Internet platform to promote the transformation and upgrading of oil equipment industry as well as “resource sharing” in the field of comprehensive energy.

Drilling Worker.

The drilling industry is the main force of petroleum exploration and development. However, because the characteristics of frequent relocation, mobility construction, frequent outdoor works and the interchange operations, it is difficult to make sure the safety of production. To achieve the goal of safe production, we must start with the labor protection and protective equipment, and generally improve the safety awareness of workers and the understanding of personal protective equipment. It is carried out smoothly under the premise of ensuring the safety and health of workers.

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