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We Reduce Risk For A Safe Pipeline

At AIGE Limited, we provide a wide range of engineering design solution; ranging and related to Oil and Gas, piping and equipment analysis, CAD. Boasting a team of professionals, we provide Solutions to clients which includes;

  • Build Systems that ultimately fits users purpose, economically competitive and viable, and are equally maintainable considering our suitable philosophy of handling.
  • Equally maintainable considering our suitable philosophy of handling.
  • Meet the need of our clients and exceed their expectations.
  • Designed in line with the international codes, standards, and most especially our Clients’ specifications and requirements.

AIGE limited distinguishes itself through efficiency, innovation, flexibility and highly qualified personnel. AIGE limited’ global experience in pipeline inspection and maintenance operations includes successful inspection and maintenance of different thousands of oil, gas and product pipelines by my team of experts.


Industrial production power on your desktop.

SAP is one of the market leaders in Enterprise solutions, and also the market leader in the enterprise resource planning, ERP systems arena for the last three decades. SAP Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions manages entire business process.

AIGE Limited engages in the implementation and support services of SAP solutions. AIGE limited team of experts cut across Technical, Functional, Project Management and Quality Assurance and have worked on several projects across different industries and sizes in Nigeria and West Africa at large.


Our experts work as to develop maintenance measures to be performed in order to minimize potential risk and the resulting financial expenses. The possibility of creating a balance between both aspects depends mainly on the strength of our knowledgeable network of professionals having worked on several projects boasting range of expertise to ensure that each pipeline system is designed, fabricated, installed and operated in a safe, reliable and cost effective way.

AIGE limited is well equipped to meet all the requirements of the pipeline market worldwide – safely, reliably and cost efficiently. AIGE limited can offer tailored solutions based on clients needs and throughout the complete pipeline life cycle.


PIM starts with hazard identification which we as AIGE Limited conduct using qualitative and quantitative methods.

Hazards such as mechanical loads, rate of corrosion, and the remaining wall thickness have to be analyzed and calculated to evaluate the risk of pipeline leaks. The pipe is vulnerable to attacks by internal and external corrosion, cracking, third party damage and manufacturing flaws. Corrosion on pipelines is directly related to the internal and external conditions present for the unique location of a given pipeline, as well as to the materials of manufacturing and the quality of these materials.

AIGE limited holds worldwide multi-discipline competences to assist in the development of an integrity management system as well as ongoing integrity assessment of pipeline systems. We provide a variety of services addressing issues related to pipelines in operation. These services focus on reducing pipeline operation cost, while still maintaining an acceptable reliability and safety level.

We use the results to come up with solutions to ensure pipeline operations with little damage and environmental impact while remaining economical. The status assessment (integrity) of a pipeline is obtained by consolidating and evaluating various sources of information. They arise from the areas of operational organization, data documentation, and technical operational management.

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